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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

8 Cutenhoe Rd, Luton LU1 3ND, UK

Lovely environment for Worship. This church welcomes everyone.

Nice church. Family friendly.

St Mary's Church

Church Office, Church St, Luton LU1 3JF, UK – 01582 721867

A lovely church almost in the centre of town in Church st. There is so much to see on this church and you are able to get right up close and see the detail. Lovely workmanship and detail. lots of hidden detail that you would miss if you didn't get up close . The windows are also very nice . If you do visit this place DO remember there is also a back part to it as you will miss out on stunning views if you didn't. You are not able to walk on the grounds of the back of this church, but you can still see fairly up close and i really enjoyed seeing the old gates and old little winding pathway leading upto the old door at the back.

Fantastic venue for a graduation. A spacious site full of history. Great pipe organ comfortable seats. The building is well kept. It has disable access.

St Andrews Church

Church Rd, Slip End, Luton LU1 4BJ, UK – 01582 480391

A very nice Church and grounds. It is so peaceful here. Very clean and tidy and also i was able to walk around the whole grounds. This church had a lot of older wood attached to it, from the main little gate to the entrance of the church. Walking around i came across many tiny doors which looked like that hadn't been used in years, very nice. The trees here are also very pretty and one of the large trees had a nice comfy seat under which gave great shade and lovely smell of pine. The glass windows are also very nice looking . I enjoyed very much visiting here, but this church is almost hidden from the outside road it's very hard to notice where it is .Wonderful old Church.

Always very lovely know one works of there ego peaceful friendly

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